For Megz & Brooke

15 May

AKA Best management team.

They’re both engaged, and Meghan asked me to post about her wedding so I figured I’d do Brooke too.

Both of them are really fun women – bright colors and all that.

Brooke is more of your beachy-chic gal and Meghan would rather be at a winery.

So here we go:

Brooke’s first :]

I can totally see her getting her married on the beach, and then doing the reception at a close location – Very beachy, tropical but still elegant. I’m not the biggest fan of the alter decorations… I think I’d put more flowers there. She looks amazing in coral and I remember her saying she likes turquoise so putting the two together makes sense :]

This room in at the Bali Hai is gorgeous- and can you imagine it with the flowers and table covers and centerpieces… the cake… the works? PLUS – the menu is to die for – pan seared sea scallops & Hawaiin Ahi Poke… top it off with a steak; I’m basically drooling. It overlooks the San Diego skyline and it’s so romantic and amazing. I would probably use different lighting, to offset the starkness of the wood.

I like the idea of having solely coral flowers with the turquoise ribbon – I think it looks fresher than a bouquet with blue flowers… I would suggest possibly changing the selection of flowers and making them have a more tropical vibe, but you have to have roses of course.

Do it yourself projects are a great (but not easy) way to save money.  I think the best DIY is wedding invitations – you don’t have to order them from some hoity toity website or vendor and spend $1000 on cardstock. Lets be real.

So not exactly on point – but you can buy simple card stock paper with a white background and colored border – and get the information printed on them. Then you can go somewhere like Michaels and buy ribbon and faux-flowers to pull this one off. This way you can personalize it too, pick the flower, the color, everything.

The dress –

I can definitely see her in this! It would look so amazing on her – she could even do it in Diamond White because she’s so tan and look stunning!

Signature drink (as always)

A Mango Mai Tai – tropical, classic but with the mango bit adds a little twist. Bottoms up!

I might be adding more to this wedding if I am needed, but now, on to the next.


This is the garden ceremony area at Faulkner wineries which I know she loves. Picture it with orange rose petals and maybe some birds of paradise along the isle. You could also add sashes to the chairs if you wanted!

I know she LOVES bright bold colors and she mentioned orange and blue – a little outside of the box- but a great match. I like the blue table settings matched with orange centerpieces in the above picture. I am obsessed with that table. You could even do blue marbles, or those new water jelly ball things in blue to place the flowers in if you didn’t want to do blue plates.

I can’t even express how amazing this bouquet is. She wanted feathers, I gave her feathers. Subtract the green orchids and possible add in some delicate orange flowers, like snapdragons.

She could also do the DIY invitation but substitute the colors, and maybe do a peacock feather instead of a flower; or both.

My dress pick for Meghan :]

I know she loves lace, but I would stick with white lace when using such bold colors for your wedding theme. I think this would make her look amazing and I love the button detail!

Signature drink:

It’s called an Orange Delgiht – but its basically an orange martini but better.

1 Large can of pineapple Juice
1 Large Orange Juice
Vodka or Rum

Knock yourself out!


Yet Another Detour…

11 May

Sorry for you wedding lovers but I have a couple other things I would like to talk about… and I guess since its my blog… I can do so (it is fashion related :]).

#1: I met my hero(ine) last night, Kelly Cutrone.

For those living under a rock, Kelly Cutrone is the CEO of People’s Revolution, an author and has been on The Hills, The City and her reality show Kell on Earth.

So I desperately want to be in PR – its where I belong, and I know it.  I’ve practically been stalking Kelly’s  life in hopes of getting the chance to speak with her when at last! I was given the opportunity. She did a book signing at the Grove in LA, so I went. I was able to talk with her after the book signing also, which was amazing.

Two things I learned:

1. Read her books – especially if you are a young adult. It will open your eyes, which are otherwise probably closed.

2 – When in Kelly land, do as Kelly does.

If you don’t follow her like I do, you may not know how much she cusses and talks about sex… I love it. Now, in any other professional setting – I would never EVER curse… but I was in Kelly Land.

So, the event coordinator was being a complete jerk and I said, “That guy is a f–ing douchebag.” Kelly looked at me, laughed and said “Yeah, he is a f–ng douchebag”

Maybe it wasn’t as great of a moment for her as it was for me but I felt like I broke the ice, made a statement with my two little curse words. But who knows.

She was such an awe-inspiring speaker – everything she said I had never thought… but it was all like – yes, this is how it should be!!! We try so hard to be freaking perfect and for what??? Most perfectionists don’t get nearly as far as out of the box-ers like Cutrone… so why the hell am I wasting my time?

Hence, I have a new outlook on my 20s. I am not going to obsess over stupid shit that really isn’t going to put a dent in my life. I’m going to live my life in the moment – not the past or present because I realized that is yet another huge waste of time. And… I might have possibly booked a trip to Europe and I will be gone for a month… you know just on a whim…

I probably shouldn’t go to these signings too often or I will be BROKE.

Topic Deux

It was the last day of my JMS class and we got to play photographer so enjoy –

Royal Wedding

2 May

But first a detour –

I would just like to say how proud I am to be an American and thank you to all of those who have brought justice to the U.S. After 10 years its amazing to know that we never forgot about the hardships we went through, but persevered until justice was served. My thoughts will remain with all of the families who have lost loved ones – God bless the USA :]

Now that I got that off of my chest… the royal wedding!

Without further ado..

Number one – they’re possibly the best looking royal couple thus far. I know everyone was so concerned with what Kate was going to wear, but would she really look bad in anything… like really? She’s gorgeous. Her dress did not disappoint.

I’m assuming you have to wear a relatively modest wedding dress when you’re the future Queen of England, but she still managed to have sex appeal. The lace and silk dress by Sarah Burton of Alexander Mcqueen looked stunning. It was sophisticated, but modern. Modest, but sexy – everyone loved it. Including myself… BUT… I kind of expected more.. not gonna lie. Maybe a little more glitz and glamor because clearly that DIAMOND tiara just isn’t cutting it…

Also, I wish she did more with the bouquet – although simplicity is often popular, this woman literally could have had anything in the world, so it just didn’t wow me. But, I mean, she looked stunning and classic… a few steps up from her college days!

Don’t get too many ideas, it was just a college fashion show!!!

AND – she got another dress, which I actually liked better!

Also a Sarah Burton… Can I be a Duchess too…?

William wore his uniform which represented the Irish Guards Mounted Officers – it is said it was meant to show unity between the two countries (UK and Ireland)

I mean he’s just precious. They were both literally smiling all day and I think they really publicly showed how much they loved each other.

Onto the more… available… brother.


AKA: British Man Candy.

Move aside Pippa… this Prince is mine…! Just kidding, I already got one. But seriously he was so fricking cute. Kind of sheepish and quirky cute if you catch my drift. I much prefer Harry’s uniform over William’s fire engine red… such a cutie. Even if he is a ginger… how can you resist that face!? One ticket to London please.

On a side note, Pippa looked so wonderful and I loved how she wore the dress that many of us expected Kate to wear! Touche.

Now…. wedding don’ts

Wicked stepsisters? Oh no… just the PRINCESSES. I’m sorry… did the electricity go out in Buckingham Palace – besides a lack of light (or a mirror) what could have possessed you to dress this way to a wedding?! And not just A wedding the ROYAL wedding. They both look ridiculous. Maybe their intention was to make SURE Kate was the most beautiful there… with these outfits Kate could have gotten her dress at Goodwill and still outshone them.

Sadly, the reception outfits were not much improved.

Dear Princess Beatrice, I have seen you dress before… I know you know that this does not work. Especially with the TOM-like shoes. Get a stylist.


Love, me.

All in all, a wedding is a happy occasion and it truly looked like everyone had an amazing time.

Don’t worry I’ll invite you all when me & Harry tie the knot!

Ta-ta for now!

“The Hills” Star Engaged

28 Apr

Today, I was sitting in the library, and I suddenly realized it felt like I hadn’t blogged in a while – to my dismay I was correct. Sorry friends… onward.

So, as a fan of “The Hills” I have always been team Lauren (still am), but, when she left the show Kristin Cavallari took over and I got to see a side of her that I wasn’t expecting. Aka – she’s not as big of a bitch as I thought… she’s just blunt. Not a bad trait as long as your friends can handle brutal honesty.

Turns out this chica is engaged – and good for her. After all the drama with playboy Brody Jenner and bad boy Justin Bobby, she was bound to find Mr. Right at some point.

Besides the fact that they’re both complete players… let’s be honest, they’re some amazing eye candy.

Kristin moved on to bigger and better things – NFL star Jay Cutler, who proposed in Cabo San Lucas, a frequent spot from Cavallari.


It turns out that the engagement was a complete surprise and no other details have been exposed thus far….

Which means I have put my wedding planning pants on:

You are cordially invited to the wedding planning of

Kristin Cavallari


Jay Cutler.


Dress obviously most important, agreed?

I couldn’t find a bigger picture, but it’s the Zorana by Winnie Chlomin which can be seen here

I think its absolutely amazing. Kristin is definitely simplistic, laid back – and still very sexy. I think this dress wraps them all in one. Its super simple, with just little detail towards to bottom, but the trumpet style with show her curves, just the way she prefers!

I picture a beachy wedding considering she is a So-Californian like myself.

I think coral is a gorgeous complimentary color for a beach wedding so…

I love the contrast in color – not a big fan of the cookies unless we’re playing tea party.

Super young, fresh and beachy. I love it for summer and I can totally see Kristin rockin it.

For the signature cocktail

a pink grapefruit mojito!

Rum, grapefruit juice, soda water & mint simple syrup… have at it!

I can’t wait to see if any of my visions come true!

Until next time

“Spring-ing” into Weddings

17 Apr

Tis the season to get married! I’m so excited it’s finally arrived. I can now fully indulge myself in all things wedding – and I plan to dive in headfirst.

I figure most people who love weddings also love romance… so yes I am a fan of the Bachelor series. Although the show never ends happily… the ride to get there is usually entertaining. I think only 2 couples have survived the post-show thus far.

Which brings me to Ali & Roberto – the cutest couple to actually make it on the reality show. With that said… when the hell are they getting married? They promised us 2011… and alas, a clue!

August 21 it is! Well, that is if this is in fact a clue… but I’m thinking this is their subtle hint to us stalkers who are idly standing by waiting for them to say ‘Ido’.

I can almost say with 100% positivity that the wedding will be a laid back beachy feel, considering the couple relocated to San Diego – might I add is the best place to live…

I am well aware that the Royal Wedding is quickly approaching… but its saturating most channels and magazines, so need I cover it… I’ll wait until after the big day. BUT, Kate Middleton is having 3 wedding dresses in case the first one is leaked… paranoid much?

Anyways, can I get married here too please?

 Oh just the usual, basic church ceremony…

Speaking of England – Harry Potter stars Bonnie Wright (aka Ginnie) and Jamie Campbell Bower (aka Gellert Grindelwald) are engaged! When I first heard, I was like… isn’t Ginnie like 12? But it turns out she is in fact 20. Still though, 20?

I wonder if England will make such a big deal about wizards getting married… my bet is no… just a guess. The couple is keeping quiet on all the wedding details thus far.

I actually think Bonnie will probably end up wearing something similar to this though, simple & elegant. It will be a bloody wonderful wedding, & as a loyal Harry Potter fan, I’ll be staying tuned.

Lately, I feel like blogging about weddings has become of a chore than something fun. I mean, I still love weddings, but I don’t know if talking about them is my niche. I’d rather hypothesize about what weddings will look like, not actual hard facts… but then I’m not sure anyone would care much about what I think a wedding should look like – because my tastes are not going to be your tastes – so whose to say if you’ll even like my future posts? All I know, is past weddings tend to bore me and future ones excited me, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

Bridezillas Tenfold

11 Apr

So naturally, I watch every wedding show that airs on TV. Yesterday, ‘Four Weddings’ was having a marathon.

To sum it up – four brides compete for a honeymoon – whoever has the best wedding wins. What I don’t understand is, why the hell would you put someone with a $10,000 budget and another with an $100,000 budget and put them in the same competition?! While a wedding is doable with $10,000… obviously the bride with the deepest pocket is going to win. That was my first pet peeve.

One of the higher priced weddings… she won… still, I’m in love with the centerpieces. Uh-maze.

There’s a ton a photos on the website, if you’re interested!

Pet peeve number two: Brides on their high horses.

I swear every episode I watched nearly all the brides had a bad case of word vomit; they couldn’t stop throwing out negative-ness. I’m like – it’s not your wedding, this is how THEY envisioned it.. ya know?

I guess the whole point of the show is competition, but it is still someone’s legitimate wedding and do you really need to be such a bitch? It’s funny too because the lower budget brides are never the bullies – the ones who probably need the free honeymoon more are usually the one’s enjoying themselves! The ‘higher-class’ brides are the ones trying to underscore everyone. Like… you had a $100,000 wedding and you’re trying to play dirty with someone who had 1/10th of your budget. Sorry, but I think you can afford a honeymoon and save yourself from looking like a snob on national television.

They spew words like ‘classless’ and ‘nontraditional’ – maybe that’s the way the wanted it? I’m the first to admit that I critique weddings, but being downright rude is another story. This one episode, there was a Jewish girl and and a Catholic one – they didn’t like each others ceremonies. Umm so… you expect someone to change their religion because you don’t like the ceremony???

Now, I am now going to proceed to contradict myself and enter the territory of colored wedding dresses. My first post was about how I disliked colored wedding dresses, which I do, BUT you never say anything to the bride about it! It’s her wedding dress for crying out loud – possibly the single most important garment she’ll wear and people have the nerve to call it hideous on national television? Like I said, bitches.

A bride was from India so she wore a red dress, which I believe is pretty much a custom. A bride talked smack about her dress because it wasn’t traditional – which was completely contradictory considering a red dress is a huge tradition.

Also, voluptuous brides have a more difficult time finding bridal gowns because sample sizes are 10’s and they run SMALL – so let’s say 6 or 8. If they feel just as beautiful in teal or pink or whatever – let them feel beautiful. You don’t have to like it, like I don’t – but saying so is just malicious.

Opinions are always going to be had but it’s important to know when to keep your mouth shut-

Also, this show tends to put completely opposite people in one episode.

It’s just begging for wedding bashing! But I guess no one watches to show to see the actual weddings, (except me :]) and they probably like to hear what the brides had to say. I just wish it was a wee bit more positive considering a wedding is in fact supposed to be a happy & hopefully a positive experience…  Like I totally understand disliking a thing or two, but it seems like these women detest everything and anything about everyone else’s wedding. Critique is okay, as long as props are also offered :]

This one episode they put an extreme party girl with a woman who hates alcohol. Then they had an episode where there was a super conservative bride paired with a self-proclaimed hippie.

(Now, realistically – a more traditional bride is not going to like this type of dress. But how cute is the bouquet! Their eco-friendly tye-dye flowers – I thought it was a whimsy idea!)

Like I said, so much of weddings depend on personal preference – a party girl is going to want an open bar, whereas the nondrinker served soft drinks. A beach-bound bride had her wedding on a Tiki Cruise and one of the women hated boats. Go figure.

All I can say is, these brides let the little things ruin the weddings for them. Like, open your mind and just enjoy the experience! Remember, it’s not your wedding. I doubt the bride wants to hear that her wedding got a 2/10 when the episode airs. I’m thinking that might put a damper on her wedding? This show takes Bridezillas to a whole new level.

Moral of the story: Brides are bitches.

Viva Las Vegas

4 Apr

For Spring Break, my boyfriend and I went to Las Vegas – the stereotypical place for lots of partying and sleepless nights.

As a practical joke we checked ourselves in at the “Little White Chapel” on our iPhones and commented “Eloping in Vegas.” My mom was thrilled, naturally.

After checking in at our faux-wedding, I couldn’t help but notice how many people were actually getting married in Vegas this week – which begged the question – Vegas wedding… Classy or Trashy?

The majority of the weddings I saw were in fact pretty typical. Not that I attended them, but the most important aspect (the dress) wasn’t what I expected for a wedding on the Strip. White, classy, princess dresses. I didn’t think Vegas and classy would ever be correlated.

I feel it necessary to pay attribution to the pop star Britney Spears and her Vegas wedding…

Nope, this is not just a cute couple picture – this is legitimately what she wore for her elopement. Thank God she did it right the second time… even if the guy she married was just as trashy as this outfit… ’nuff said.

Moving on.

I guess it depends at what hotel you’re getting married at, but for me – Vegas is just not the place for a wedding… it doesn’t exactly scream romance. I give the Vegas wedding the ‘trashy’ vote, but as I was walking through the Wynn hotel I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful it would be… if it was anywhere but Vegas.

Surprisingly, more brides than I expected wore dresses like this – I honestly expected some trashy dresses, but I was happy to see Vegas brides are staying true to tradition.

Okay, okay – so maybe you can have a classy wedding in Las Vegas, but it’d be a challenge. Jeff and I were eating at the hotel’s buffet before we roadtripped it back home  – and a wedding party was there… like seriously. Out of all the places to eat in Las Vegas and you pick a mediocre at best buffet?! I was baffled. Also the groom and his men were wearing kilts… another No in wedding fashion. Is there something so wrong with a tuxedo? You don’t see women walking down the aisle in crazy giddups… I mean, God forbid the bride picked the wrong shoes, but mean get to wear skirts?

And then there’s the one’s who dress up as Elvis – it’s your wedding, not Graceland. Can you imagine? Hoping to see your fiance in a tux and you get a flashback to ’50s… in this case no band needed, you already have the King of Rock.

So yes, brides did relatively well in the dress category. Elegant, long white dresses – typical wedding wonderfulness. The men just really messed it up for them… I know what you’re thinking.”What??? Men don’t know fashion”

NO. They don’t. Unless you are Andre Leon Talley – they are not going to understand.

I’m glad I got that off my chest…. on a better note, I won my boyfriend $60 by telling him to pick red. I’m just lucky (in love) I guess 😉