Yet Another Detour…

11 May

Sorry for you wedding lovers but I have a couple other things I would like to talk about… and I guess since its my blog… I can do so (it is fashion related :]).

#1: I met my hero(ine) last night, Kelly Cutrone.

For those living under a rock, Kelly Cutrone is the CEO of People’s Revolution, an author and has been on The Hills, The City and her reality show Kell on Earth.

So I desperately want to be in PR – its where I belong, and I know it.  I’ve practically been stalking Kelly’s  life in hopes of getting the chance to speak with her when at last! I was given the opportunity. She did a book signing at the Grove in LA, so I went. I was able to talk with her after the book signing also, which was amazing.

Two things I learned:

1. Read her books – especially if you are a young adult. It will open your eyes, which are otherwise probably closed.

2 – When in Kelly land, do as Kelly does.

If you don’t follow her like I do, you may not know how much she cusses and talks about sex… I love it. Now, in any other professional setting – I would never EVER curse… but I was in Kelly Land.

So, the event coordinator was being a complete jerk and I said, “That guy is a f–ing douchebag.” Kelly looked at me, laughed and said “Yeah, he is a f–ng douchebag”

Maybe it wasn’t as great of a moment for her as it was for me but I felt like I broke the ice, made a statement with my two little curse words. But who knows.

She was such an awe-inspiring speaker – everything she said I had never thought… but it was all like – yes, this is how it should be!!! We try so hard to be freaking perfect and for what??? Most perfectionists don’t get nearly as far as out of the box-ers like Cutrone… so why the hell am I wasting my time?

Hence, I have a new outlook on my 20s. I am not going to obsess over stupid shit that really isn’t going to put a dent in my life. I’m going to live my life in the moment – not the past or present because I realized that is yet another huge waste of time. And… I might have possibly booked a trip to Europe and I will be gone for a month… you know just on a whim…

I probably shouldn’t go to these signings too often or I will be BROKE.

Topic Deux

It was the last day of my JMS class and we got to play photographer so enjoy –


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