Viva Las Vegas

4 Apr

For Spring Break, my boyfriend and I went to Las Vegas – the stereotypical place for lots of partying and sleepless nights.

As a practical joke we checked ourselves in at the “Little White Chapel” on our iPhones and commented “Eloping in Vegas.” My mom was thrilled, naturally.

After checking in at our faux-wedding, I couldn’t help but notice how many people were actually getting married in Vegas this week – which begged the question – Vegas wedding… Classy or Trashy?

The majority of the weddings I saw were in fact pretty typical. Not that I attended them, but the most important aspect (the dress) wasn’t what I expected for a wedding on the Strip. White, classy, princess dresses. I didn’t think Vegas and classy would ever be correlated.

I feel it necessary to pay attribution to the pop star Britney Spears and her Vegas wedding…

Nope, this is not just a cute couple picture – this is legitimately what she wore for her elopement. Thank God she did it right the second time… even if the guy she married was just as trashy as this outfit… ’nuff said.

Moving on.

I guess it depends at what hotel you’re getting married at, but for me – Vegas is just not the place for a wedding… it doesn’t exactly scream romance. I give the Vegas wedding the ‘trashy’ vote, but as I was walking through the Wynn hotel I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful it would be… if it was anywhere but Vegas.

Surprisingly, more brides than I expected wore dresses like this – I honestly expected some trashy dresses, but I was happy to see Vegas brides are staying true to tradition.

Okay, okay – so maybe you can have a classy wedding in Las Vegas, but it’d be a challenge. Jeff and I were eating at the hotel’s buffet before we roadtripped it back home  – and a wedding party was there… like seriously. Out of all the places to eat in Las Vegas and you pick a mediocre at best buffet?! I was baffled. Also the groom and his men were wearing kilts… another No in wedding fashion. Is there something so wrong with a tuxedo? You don’t see women walking down the aisle in crazy giddups… I mean, God forbid the bride picked the wrong shoes, but mean get to wear skirts?

And then there’s the one’s who dress up as Elvis – it’s your wedding, not Graceland. Can you imagine? Hoping to see your fiance in a tux and you get a flashback to ’50s… in this case no band needed, you already have the King of Rock.

So yes, brides did relatively well in the dress category. Elegant, long white dresses – typical wedding wonderfulness. The men just really messed it up for them… I know what you’re thinking.”What??? Men don’t know fashion”

NO. They don’t. Unless you are Andre Leon Talley – they are not going to understand.

I’m glad I got that off my chest…. on a better note, I won my boyfriend $60 by telling him to pick red. I’m just lucky (in love) I guess 😉


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