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“The Hills” Star Engaged

28 Apr

Today, I was sitting in the library, and I suddenly realized it felt like I hadn’t blogged in a while – to my dismay I was correct. Sorry friends… onward.

So, as a fan of “The Hills” I have always been team Lauren (still am), but, when she left the show Kristin Cavallari took over and I got to see a side of her that I wasn’t expecting. Aka – she’s not as big of a bitch as I thought… she’s just blunt. Not a bad trait as long as your friends can handle brutal honesty.

Turns out this chica is engaged – and good for her. After all the drama with playboy Brody Jenner and bad boy Justin Bobby, she was bound to find Mr. Right at some point.

Besides the fact that they’re both complete players… let’s be honest, they’re some amazing eye candy.

Kristin moved on to bigger and better things – NFL star Jay Cutler, who proposed in Cabo San Lucas, a frequent spot from Cavallari.


It turns out that the engagement was a complete surprise and no other details have been exposed thus far….

Which means I have put my wedding planning pants on:

You are cordially invited to the wedding planning of

Kristin Cavallari


Jay Cutler.


Dress obviously most important, agreed?

I couldn’t find a bigger picture, but it’s the Zorana by Winnie Chlomin which can be seen here

I think its absolutely amazing. Kristin is definitely simplistic, laid back – and still very sexy. I think this dress wraps them all in one. Its super simple, with just little detail towards to bottom, but the trumpet style with show her curves, just the way she prefers!

I picture a beachy wedding considering she is a So-Californian like myself.

I think coral is a gorgeous complimentary color for a beach wedding so…

I love the contrast in color – not a big fan of the cookies unless we’re playing tea party.

Super young, fresh and beachy. I love it for summer and I can totally see Kristin rockin it.

For the signature cocktail

a pink grapefruit mojito!

Rum, grapefruit juice, soda water & mint simple syrup… have at it!

I can’t wait to see if any of my visions come true!

Until next time