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“Spring-ing” into Weddings

17 Apr

Tis the season to get married! I’m so excited it’s finally arrived. I can now fully indulge myself in all things wedding – and I plan to dive in headfirst.

I figure most people who love weddings also love romance… so yes I am a fan of the Bachelor series. Although the show never ends happily… the ride to get there is usually entertaining. I think only 2 couples have survived the post-show thus far.

Which brings me to Ali & Roberto – the cutest couple to actually make it on the reality show. With that said… when the hell are they getting married? They promised us 2011… and alas, a clue!

August 21 it is! Well, that is if this is in fact a clue… but I’m thinking this is their subtle hint to us stalkers who are idly standing by waiting for them to say ‘Ido’.

I can almost say with 100% positivity that the wedding will be a laid back beachy feel, considering the couple relocated to San Diego – might I add is the best place to live…

I am well aware that the Royal Wedding is quickly approaching… but its saturating most channels and magazines, so need I cover it… I’ll wait until after the big day. BUT, Kate Middleton is having 3 wedding dresses in case the first one is leaked… paranoid much?

Anyways, can I get married here too please?

 Oh just the usual, basic church ceremony…

Speaking of England – Harry Potter stars Bonnie Wright (aka Ginnie) and Jamie Campbell Bower (aka Gellert Grindelwald) are engaged! When I first heard, I was like… isn’t Ginnie like 12? But it turns out she is in fact 20. Still though, 20?

I wonder if England will make such a big deal about wizards getting married… my bet is no… just a guess. The couple is keeping quiet on all the wedding details thus far.

I actually think Bonnie will probably end up wearing something similar to this though, simple & elegant. It will be a bloody wonderful wedding, & as a loyal Harry Potter fan, I’ll be staying tuned.

Lately, I feel like blogging about weddings has become of a chore than something fun. I mean, I still love weddings, but I don’t know if talking about them is my niche. I’d rather hypothesize about what weddings will look like, not actual hard facts… but then I’m not sure anyone would care much about what I think a wedding should look like – because my tastes are not going to be your tastes – so whose to say if you’ll even like my future posts? All I know, is past weddings tend to bore me and future ones excited me, so I’ll leave it at that for now.