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Wedding Obsessed… aka Me.

20 Mar

It seems April will be the month for celebrity weddings – no one is really feeling March. Both Reese Witherspoon and the Prince will be wedding in April (we believe). But no luck for March, which I thought was rather ironic considering March is usually associated with the four leaf clover…

Anyways, I am looking forward to the few April weddings, but for now – I figured I’d let you pick apart my brain and I’ll allow you inside to the details of my one-day-perfect wedding.

I know – I’m 19 -what the hell am I doing already planning a wedding? Well, no it’s not a shotgun wedding and no, I’m not living in the 18th century.

BUT, I have been dating my boyfriend for almost five years and naturally, being obsessed with all things wedding-related… I plan. Who cares if it’s 10 years in advance? Well… 7 if everything works according to my schedule.

Just kidding.

I’m not crazy – my boyfriend knows I’m wedding crazed, so when I told him about the post, he wasn’t surprised.

But seriously, the age for marriage is going two ways – those youngsters marrying their high school military bound sweethearts & the career oriented business people who have somehow surpassed the whole marriage thing.

For me, I know I’ll get married, but I don’t know when. I can’t picture not being with Jeff, so obviously I picture him at the end of the isle…

Enough with the ooey gooey stuff and on to the planning ;]

Location: South Coast Winery

My favorite place in the entire world, and I can’t even enjoy the wine yet… It’s amazingly beautiful. But it better be for $145 a person… multiply that sucker by 150+… that’s a doozy. But the menu looked delicious – heirloom tomato salad, filet mignon, prawns provencal… I’m drooling. They provide wine with dinner, but why not spice it up a bit :] you know me.

Sangria… my latest obsession. Me and Jeff went to C-Level for happy hour for $5 drinks and appetizers… he ordered one of these, and I fell in love. Sorry Jeff :] Also, I think you could do it pretty inexpensively if you made the Sangria yourself. Of course, you have to do it a week before so the flavors all mesh, but the product is delicious and it would probably save a lot. I thought it was appropriate for a winery.


I love hydrangeas – especially for the spring and summer. I like a little woodsy feel… I guess? If that’s what the sticks mean… but I like them. I couldn’t find a picture with my exact vision because I want purple hydrangeas – something like this

Gorggggggeous. I can see it now…

Drum roll please. The dress. Now, you have to remember,  I worked at a bridal salon where I saw all sorts of dresses at different prices. So, knowing that there are quality dresses for reasonable prices, I’m not going to be looking at dresses that cost $10,000+. There’s no point. I want to feel like a princess, but I don’t need to be in royal debt after the wedding… pun intended.

The dress is by Maggie Sottero and it’s called “Fiorella”.  For me, I want a sexy but elegant dress. All my friends always say I should wear a mermaid gown because I’m so tall, but I really want a bigger dress on my biggest day. For a modest $2200, this dress has the most bang for it’s buck.

Something blue, I had to:

I mean, what else would I wear but Louboutins on my wedding day. & they’re blue… it’s fate.

Well, there you have it. Not nearly everything involved… but I have to save some stuff for when it actually happens!

Happy Planning ;]


Happy Late St. Patricks Day – Hope you celebrated Ireland like the Irish!



A Royal Affair

14 Mar

The big secret is out – well, we think. Many people are speculationing that Kate Middleton may be donning a dress by Alexander McQueen’s, Sarah Burton.

I was shocked; even though I know Kate Middleton is young and can definitely look beautiful in anything, I thought she would have picked something more classic like a Chanel couture gown. You know, being that she’s going to be a princess, and possibly the future Queen.

For those of you who are not familiar with Alexander McQueen, he is for the bold, adventurous trend setter who’s not afraid to break necks. Lady Gaga is infamous for wearing his designs and his “claw” heels… let’s just hope Middleton doesn’t accessorize with these!

Although completely fabulous, they look like a modern day torture device. A nice pair of Louboutins will do, thank you.

Alexander McQueen’s recent runway show featured wedding dresses that resembled tabletops. My fingers are crossed that Middleton doesn’t attempt to be this edgy. I like the detailing of the far left one, but the other two are disastrous! I get it though, it is Alexander McQueen and his designs are pretty much always outlandish. Statement pieces for sure.

I think the halter style would look really classy on Middleton, but lets 46 the bottom half, please.

But,  if Burton doesn’t design her dress… what, and most importantly who, will she wear? If I were to pick, I would choose a Vera Wang gown – if Middleton is thinking about Alexander McQueen she probably appreciates the ‘out-there’  style… Vera Wang offers unique styles but nothing too over the top.

I can definitely see Kate Middleton in something similar to this, but white of course! It’s different, it’s romantic, it’s ethereal. I’m in love. I think Middleton definitely needs to keep it elegant, because after all she is royalty – assuming the wedding goes according to plan! Which, I’m sure it will.

Kate Middleton without a doubt is gorgeous, and whatever she chooses she will look stunning. BUT I hope she does go the more classic elegance look, because sometimes by trying to hard to be different – you end up look all sorts of crazy. And you’re wedding day is not the day to be experimenting with style. You want to nail it, so the best bet is to stay true to your style – you only need to impress yourself… well, and maybe your husband :]

Baby Spice: When 2 Become 1

6 Mar

So like I said last week, I really enjoyed planning the other brides weddings – so why not keep doing it?

As a child in the 90’s, I was surrounded by lots of boy bands and Spice Girl saturation. Being English, I always like Ginger Spice because of her Union Jack dress… I guess I never realized that all of the Spice Girls were in fact from England. But, hey, I was a kid – how should I know?

Since then, clearly I’ve become in love with weddings – and when I found out my second favorite, Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) was getting married,  I couldn’t help myself! I had to ponder about what her wedding would be like.

Now, if any of you saw “Spice World”, which as a huge fan (not an Oscar’s critic), I did – you would know that Emma Bunton was the sweet, innocent, sexy and semi-sassy singer who always had a lollipop.

Since her Spice Girl says, Emma has moved on from high socks and platform boots, and switched to a classier, yet still sexy, look.

Perfection. The old Hollywood look is perfect for her – so I took that and rolled with it.

I mixed the innocent look from her prior years with the classic look she now owns, and kept it sexy.

This Monique Lhuillier bridal gown would be amazing on Emma! She’s thin but has curves which this dress would show off. The petals add that innocent, cutesy flair, but the trumpet cut and sweetheart neck will still give her that sex appeal. I could even see a birdcage veil, or a crystal headpiece with a classic side-swept bun. Gorggg!

Flowers, classic red with a little twist.

So amazing – especially if the bridesmaid wore a nice burgundy and there were little accents everywhere. I love roses – I think they are a must at weddings – they don’t have to be your main flower, but they come in so many colors and their so beautiful, add them where you can! The purple leaves add a sultry aspect to the bouquet and I think it’s perfect for Hollywood glam!

Signature drink – yes!

I really wanted a classic old Hollywood drink that could also play tribute to her British heritage. Hence – the Orange Blossom. Half part gin and half part fresh orange juice. Clearly, we’d have to use Pimm’s so we can honor the Brits! It’s bright, fresh and sounds like the perfect drink.

Only, these suckers will get ya – maybe have a drink minimum so no one gets too crazy!


Tune in for more “wedding planning” next week if none of these celebs start getting hitched!

Best wishes :]