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Royal Wedding

2 May

But first a detour –

I would just like to say how proud I am to be an American and thank you to all of those who have brought justice to the U.S. After 10 years its amazing to know that we never forgot about the hardships we went through, but persevered until justice was served. My thoughts will remain with all of the families who have lost loved ones – God bless the USA :]

Now that I got that off of my chest… the royal wedding!

Without further ado..

Number one – they’re possibly the best looking royal couple thus far. I know everyone was so concerned with what Kate was going to wear, but would she really look bad in anything… like really? She’s gorgeous. Her dress did not disappoint.

I’m assuming you have to wear a relatively modest wedding dress when you’re the future Queen of England, but she still managed to have sex appeal. The lace and silk dress by Sarah Burton of Alexander Mcqueen looked stunning. It was sophisticated, but modern. Modest, but sexy – everyone loved it. Including myself… BUT… I kind of expected more.. not gonna lie. Maybe a little more glitz and glamor because clearly that DIAMOND tiara just isn’t cutting it…

Also, I wish she did more with the bouquet – although simplicity is often popular, this woman literally could have had anything in the world, so it just didn’t wow me. But, I mean, she looked stunning and classic… a few steps up from her college days!

Don’t get too many ideas, it was just a college fashion show!!!

AND – she got another dress, which I actually liked better!

Also a Sarah Burton… Can I be a Duchess too…?

William wore his uniform which represented the Irish Guards Mounted Officers – it is said it was meant to show unity between the two countries (UK and Ireland)

I mean he’s just precious. They were both literally smiling all day and I think they really publicly showed how much they loved each other.

Onto the more… available… brother.


AKA: British Man Candy.

Move aside Pippa… this Prince is mine…! Just kidding, I already got one. But seriously he was so fricking cute. Kind of sheepish and quirky cute if you catch my drift. I much prefer Harry’s uniform over William’s fire engine red… such a cutie. Even if he is a ginger… how can you resist that face!? One ticket to London please.

On a side note, Pippa looked so wonderful and I loved how she wore the dress that many of us expected Kate to wear! Touche.

Now…. wedding don’ts

Wicked stepsisters? Oh no… just the PRINCESSES. I’m sorry… did the electricity go out in Buckingham Palace – besides a lack of light (or a mirror) what could have possessed you to dress this way to a wedding?! And not just A wedding the ROYAL wedding. They both look ridiculous. Maybe their intention was to make SURE Kate was the most beautiful there… with these outfits Kate could have gotten her dress at Goodwill and still outshone them.

Sadly, the reception outfits were not much improved.

Dear Princess Beatrice, I have seen you dress before… I know you know that this does not work. Especially with the TOM-like shoes. Get a stylist.


Love, me.

All in all, a wedding is a happy occasion and it truly looked like everyone had an amazing time.

Don’t worry I’ll invite you all when me & Harry tie the knot!

Ta-ta for now!