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Bridezillas Tenfold

11 Apr

So naturally, I watch every wedding show that airs on TV. Yesterday, ‘Four Weddings’ was having a marathon.

To sum it up – four brides compete for a honeymoon – whoever has the best wedding wins. What I don’t understand is, why the hell would you put someone with a $10,000 budget and another with an $100,000 budget and put them in the same competition?! While a wedding is doable with $10,000… obviously the bride with the deepest pocket is going to win. That was my first pet peeve.

One of the higher priced weddings… she won… still, I’m in love with the centerpieces. Uh-maze.

There’s a ton a photos on the website, if you’re interested!

Pet peeve number two: Brides on their high horses.

I swear every episode I watched nearly all the brides had a bad case of word vomit; they couldn’t stop throwing out negative-ness. I’m like – it’s not your wedding, this is how THEY envisioned it.. ya know?

I guess the whole point of the show is competition, but it is still someone’s legitimate wedding and do you really need to be such a bitch? It’s funny too because the lower budget brides are never the bullies – the ones who probably need the free honeymoon more are usually the one’s enjoying themselves! The ‘higher-class’ brides are the ones trying to underscore everyone. Like… you had a $100,000 wedding and you’re trying to play dirty with someone who had 1/10th of your budget. Sorry, but I think you can afford a honeymoon and save yourself from looking like a snob on national television.

They spew words like ‘classless’ and ‘nontraditional’ – maybe that’s the way the wanted it? I’m the first to admit that I critique weddings, but being downright rude is another story. This one episode, there was a Jewish girl and and a Catholic one – they didn’t like each others ceremonies. Umm so… you expect someone to change their religion because you don’t like the ceremony???

Now, I am now going to proceed to contradict myself and enter the territory of colored wedding dresses. My first post was about how I disliked colored wedding dresses, which I do, BUT you never say anything to the bride about it! It’s her wedding dress for crying out loud – possibly the single most important garment she’ll wear and people have the nerve to call it hideous on national television? Like I said, bitches.

A bride was from India so she wore a red dress, which I believe is pretty much a custom. A bride talked smack about her dress because it wasn’t traditional – which was completely contradictory considering a red dress is a huge tradition.

Also, voluptuous brides have a more difficult time finding bridal gowns because sample sizes are 10’s and they run SMALL – so let’s say 6 or 8. If they feel just as beautiful in teal or pink or whatever – let them feel beautiful. You don’t have to like it, like I don’t – but saying so is just malicious.

Opinions are always going to be had but it’s important to know when to keep your mouth shut-

Also, this show tends to put completely opposite people in one episode.

It’s just begging for wedding bashing! But I guess no one watches to show to see the actual weddings, (except me :]) and they probably like to hear what the brides had to say. I just wish it was a wee bit more positive considering a wedding is in fact supposed to be a happy & hopefully a positive experience…  Like I totally understand disliking a thing or two, but it seems like these women detest everything and anything about everyone else’s wedding. Critique is okay, as long as props are also offered :]

This one episode they put an extreme party girl with a woman who hates alcohol. Then they had an episode where there was a super conservative bride paired with a self-proclaimed hippie.

(Now, realistically – a more traditional bride is not going to like this type of dress. But how cute is the bouquet! Their eco-friendly tye-dye flowers – I thought it was a whimsy idea!)

Like I said, so much of weddings depend on personal preference – a party girl is going to want an open bar, whereas the nondrinker served soft drinks. A beach-bound bride had her wedding on a Tiki Cruise and one of the women hated boats. Go figure.

All I can say is, these brides let the little things ruin the weddings for them. Like, open your mind and just enjoy the experience! Remember, it’s not your wedding. I doubt the bride wants to hear that her wedding got a 2/10 when the episode airs. I’m thinking that might put a damper on her wedding? This show takes Bridezillas to a whole new level.

Moral of the story: Brides are bitches.