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Weddings – Where are they?

28 Feb

So, as I was trying to find weddings news for this week’s post, I realized why I can’t find any big weddings. Celebrities just aren’t having them. They’re quickly eloping, or dashing to the closest City Hall – leaving us wedding-lovers disappointed. My fingers are crossed that spring will bring us some big & glamorous weddings to report .

Thank God for men like Kelsey Grammer; it seems he gives us more than a few weddings to talk about.

Kelsey Grammer and his flight attendant wife, Kayte Walsh wed on February 25, 2011 in New York City – just two weeks after divorcing ex-wife, Camille Grammer.

Father and daughter? Not quite.

I would expect a dress like Kayte’s to be worn at a beachy outdoors wedding; she’s in the middle of New York City. I really wished she would have glammed it up! Walsh, only 29, looks quite matronly in this dress by Peter Langer. The straps would have worked if the neckline wasn’t so modest, or just do without the straps. I’m not a fan of the chiffon hanging down the middle – much too fairy like for me.

Yet, her hair and makeup is amazing – she looks absolutely beautiful. If only she matched her youthful face with the rest of her attire.

As for Kelsey… what is there really to say? He looks pretty excited on his wedding day, but I guess at 56 (and a 4th marriage), how much expression do we expect?

But, I will give him props for his nicely fitted tux and for matching his tie with his boutonniere.

All I can say, is I hope numerous weddings don’t run in the family.

Spencer Grammer, Kelsey’s daughter also married this month – only 2 years younger than her new stepmom.

Spencer had a civil wedding at New York City Hall.

I don’t get it – I feel like so many girls dream of an amazing dress and a lavish wedding. She has the means to do it, and she gets married at City Hall? I’m dumbfounded.

Sadly, this week wasn’t big for weddings. But I really loved planning the wedding’s in my last week’s post, so it’s highly possible that we will see more of that in the future!

Sorry for such a dull week… but I think a lot of stars have a ring on their fingers, so maybe weddings in the near forecast?

Until next time friends :]


What To Expect From The Newly Engaged-

21 Feb

What an unforgettable moment in your life… your engagement… If you’re anything like me I’d start planning right away – my dress,  the flowers, the colors – the works.

Now, if you’re a celebrity, you might call on a A-list wedding planner to do your dirty work, but me, I rather enjoy planning weddings so I decided, why not plan the weddings of the recently engaged?

Celebrities (A to D-listers alike) all need someone to do it; therefore I bring to you the wedding dress choices of Angelina Pivarnick, Kate Moss and Jessica Simpson. I might get excited and add possible flower choices and a signature  drink – I’ll try to not get carried away.

My first experiment: Angelina Pivarnick – our beloved Jersey Shore star (or ex-star).

As a devoted fan of Jersey Shore, I know that although Angelina wasn’t 100% tasteful, she did two things well: give a lot of attitude and show some skin. Which is why I think her dress should reflect this exactly. Now, I know, many people will say that I shouldn’t pick her dress based off of how she acts on her reality show – well… too bad.

Being a Jersey girl, I have to put Angelina in a Pnina Tornai dress. There’s bling, sex appeal – they’re so over the top – just like Pivarnick (and Jersey girls in general).

Both dresses are by the amazing Pnina Tornai. For Angelina, I would love to see the top of the first dress with a mermaid fit because she loves to sex it up. Also, I think a mermaid fit would really flatter her curves. The sheer corset top was a given for someone like Pivarnick, I call it “slutty yet sophisticated,” which captures Angelina well.

Custom Pnina Tornai dresses start at around $12,000 – thank goodness Jersey Shore was such a hit; but I guess if it wasn’t who would be talking about Angelina anyways?

As far as flowers go, I think something loud and obnoxious would be appropriate. After careful research, I found her favorite color to wear is black – that is not going to work for me. I noticed she wore greens, blues and pinks – so I’m going with that – so help me…

A little bling, a little black and a little pink (green too, if you count the stems…). Although not my choice, I think Angelina could rock this bouquet… that is if her poor fiance will put up with the pink color scheme!

My favorite topic: Signature Drink – which I’m sure she would love shots, but I’m gonna class it up for her.

A Pomegranate Martini is the perfect signature drink: Pomegranate juice is all the rage right now, and I mean, how can you go wrong with a martini? Shots of vodka out – Pomegranate Martini, in.

Onto to next –> Kate Moss, super model extraordinaire.

I clearly have to put her in something edgy and chic – this is a tough one. She wears designers for a living – pressure’s on.

I think Kate would look stunning in this Oscar de la Renta Fall 2011 bridal gown; however rumor has it that she is designing her own. Nevertheless – I think the cut of the dress would be so flattering for her thin frame and I love how the dress moves when you walk. The neckline is amazing, and I think the jagged look adds a little bit of edge, but it still looks sophisticated. I cannot wait to see Kate Moss’ creation.

Here is the Spring 2011 Bridal  show for Oscar de la Renta – love him!

As far as flowers go, I think something really classic with a fun twist for Kate Moss.



I am obsessed with this bouquet – I love the surprise of the dark centers amidst the white flowers, and the deep pink flowers offer a nice pop of color. I think the bouquet is different, yet also very classic. A perfect bouquet for any super model.

Kate Moss has a reputation for being wild, so I wanted a fun drink that wouldn’t be expected.

“The Flash” – Kiwi juice, 209 gin and simple syrup. I tried it, and it’s amazing. Although, if Kate Moss doesn’t like kiwi, this is a bust. But if she does, it will be highly enjoyed. Its completely different, which is something I think Kate Moss aims for, and it tastes delicious. You can always change-up the amount of each ingredient – more syrup for sweetness, more kiwi juice for tang, and more gin for those of you on the wild side!

Last but not least: Southern Belle Jessica Simpson.

It seems she has only stayed prominent because of her relationship woes, so I am so happy she is finally tying the knot – maybe someday soon she’ll release a new single. Ha. Anyways… when I picture Jessica Simpson, one word comes to mind: Traditional. Well, & Southern, but for some reason I think the two go hand in hand.

This Monique Lhuillier Spring 2011 gown is perfect for a bride like Jessica Simpson. I love the lace, which screams traditional wedding, yet the top part of the dress adds a little bit of sass – it’s the perfect mix. I think of Jessica as a sweet, all-American girl, so I wanted to put her in something that looked semi-innocent, with a hint of sex appeal – much like herself. This dress would fit Jessica’s body beautifully: the empire waist would show off the smallest part of her, while the sweetheart neckline would display her “naturally gifted” parts.

I also wanted to go with a traditional bouquet, with perhaps a hint of vintage to play off the lace.

I know in Jessica’s first wedding she chose an all white bouquet, so I wanted to change it up. I adore the vintage feeling this bouquet gives. I think it is classic, with a twist – the blues can be substituted for another color, but I rather like them in this arrangement. Looks like something you might have seen before, but with a little something extra. Perfect for a traditional bride.

Onto the signature drink – I was deciding between a Mint Julep (because of her southern ties), but I decided I had to give her some champagne for her big day.

What better than a Champagne Julep? The best of both worlds – I thought the South and class never mixed (kidding)! Apparently I’m mistaken. This drink is a mix a champagne, bourbon, sugar and mint. Another drink that will surprise and intrigue guests. It represents where she comes from, yet also looks elegant. I say cheers to that!

Well there you go! Three different weddings for three very different celebrities.

I wonder what next week has in store :]



I Can’t Believe It’s Not Couture

12 Feb

Every girl dreams of finding that perfect dress; That wow moment that brings family and friends to tears, making them ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ as you walk down the aisle. Finding a dress should be an exciting experience but the horror of the price tag often taints this experience. But how could it not? We are surrounded by celebrity weddings that saturate the media; the hottest topic is Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress pick, not to be overshadowed by the abundance of celebrities that tie the knot each year. It gives us ‘normal’ people illusions of having a three million dollar wedding – ‘illusions’ being they key word.

But, I, my friends – have tracked down dresses that can hold a candle to the $30,000 dresses that our beloved stars wear on their wedding day – and at a fraction… no a fourth of a fraction – of the cost. None of the dresses are over $2000 – it will make you say, “I can’t believe it’s not couture!”

Now let’s be honest – a lot of high ticket dresses that celebrities wear just simply aren’t worth it… I mean is anyone going to see the designer tag (except maybe your husband, who shouldn’t think the designer of your dress is a deal breaker anyways…) – No, they’re not. So if you can get a look-alike and save a few dollars – more like thousands – I say go for it. But, hey – it is your wedding and if you feel so obliged to spend your life savings then you go girl.

Exhibit A:

Custom made Kevin Hall wedding dress est: $11,000 – quite modest if you ask me –

Maggie Sottero Destination Collection est:$1000

This look is perfect for casual, beach weddings; Or if you are going for the ethereal look, it’s absolutely stunning. I am Maggie Sottero‘s biggest fan – I love the quality and you really can’t go wrong with this price tag!

Exhibit B:

Heidi Montag’s Monique Lhuillier Wedding Dress est: $20,000

Maggie Sottero “Madelyn” Dress est: $1500

Ok, ok – so not exactly a Monique Lhuillier gown, but the styles are quite similar. Both gowns have a fun textured bottom with embellishments on the top. I fully support the princess look on your wedding day, but I think Heidi might have went a little over the top with her excessive jewelry – especially those necklaces. Honey, if I’m wearing a $20,000+ gown, you better believe the gown will be the main focus. But, if you feel the need to add extras like Heidi, you can always buy sterling silver with cubic zirconia, instead of platinum with diamonds. Hey, with all this money you’re saving, maybe you too can also have ten plastic surgeries in one day (NOT wishful thinking).

Exhibit C:

Carolyn Bessette in Narcisco Rodriguez est: $40,000

Alfred Angelo Gown est: $1500

Alfred Angelo is another amazing designer who offers beautiful dresses at an affordable cost. If you are going for this style, be forewarned: must be 5’7″ (At least) and 110 pounds. Unfortunately, silk or charmeuse is not very forgiving… and honestly who wants to worry about a little pudge on their wedding day? Not me. If you are one of the naturally born models though, I suggest to go for it. Its classic and timeless – perfect for any time of wedding; although I’m picturing an Old Hollywood type.

Searching for inexpensive does not mean it has to look or feel cheap. Price aside, you should feel amazing in what you choose to wear for your wedding day.

I should warn you – many brides come in and see a dress that is out of their price range – DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, try these on. As you can see, many dresses are so close in style yet vary so much in price. It’s not worth falling in love with a dress you can’t afford.

Word of advice: Browse designers like Maggie Sottero and Alfred Angelo to see if the have anything to offer. I don’t know about you, but I’d take that $10,000 I’m saving and extend the bar services… you only get married once after all…

That’s all for now


Bridesmaids: Beauty or Beast?

7 Feb

Oh the horrid bridesmaids dresses… the one thing most women dread as they enter into the wedding era. You spend months picking the perfect gift, and the bride spends hours deciphering which bridesmaid dress is less of a monstrosity than the others; and who suffers? Her best friends – naturally.

Believe it or not, celebrities are also subjected to this torture, where no A-list stylist can save them from the horrors of pastel 80’s inspired dresses.

Take Britney Spears for example: not the most-known fashionista to begin with, however her bridesmaid’s dress for a friend’s wedding was an absolute disaster. In a pastel sky-blue, the floor length dress was poorly fitted and the drawstring halter? Seriously? I have not seen a drawstring halter since 1995; I was four years old and I knew better than to wear them then – Why now?

The crystal belt is necessary to define a waist and is the only characteristic that holds the dress together in my opinion. I much appreciate the bling that the belt offers this rather plain dress. Yes, yes I know – you’re not supposed to look better than the bride, but honey the bride could have worn a paper bag and looked better.

As a long-time fan, I always root for Britney Spears and keep my fingers crossed that she will one day pull her look together. I know she wasn’t given the best outfit, but she could have made it work –  nice neutral makeup and a soft up-do possibly. Yet, she looked like she rolled out of bed and threw the dress on (a strong possibility considering boyfriend, Jason Trawick, was staying in her room; if you catch my drift).

I have high hopes that brides everywhere will steer clear a drawstring halter tops in the future…

On to the next: Tori Spelling. She worked a royal blue bridesmaid dress. I’ve always, and will remain a fan of a strapless bridesmaids dress. The fun twisted bow adds a modern spin and the jewel tone pops, but isn’t overwhelming. Bolder colors may not mesh with the color scheme – but I consistently find them more flattering than pastels for every skin tone. The length of the dress might be a little short for all body types, but on Tori Spelling, it looks stunning.

Advice: Chiffon is always flattering and looks gorgeous! Try to eliminate past styles and recent trends and pick something classic (with a fun twist, if you must). Dessy offers a broad selection of bridesmaids dresses – all reasonable – so whether you or the bride is paying, it won’t break the bank!

Au revoir!