For Megz & Brooke

15 May

AKA Best management team.

They’re both engaged, and Meghan asked me to post about her wedding so I figured I’d do Brooke too.

Both of them are really fun women – bright colors and all that.

Brooke is more of your beachy-chic gal and Meghan would rather be at a winery.

So here we go:

Brooke’s first :]

I can totally see her getting her married on the beach, and then doing the reception at a close location – Very beachy, tropical but still elegant. I’m not the biggest fan of the alter decorations… I think I’d put more flowers there. She looks amazing in coral and I remember her saying she likes turquoise so putting the two together makes sense :]

This room in at the Bali Hai is gorgeous- and can you imagine it with the flowers and table covers and centerpieces… the cake… the works? PLUS – the menu is to die for – pan seared sea scallops & Hawaiin Ahi Poke… top it off with a steak; I’m basically drooling. It overlooks the San Diego skyline and it’s so romantic and amazing. I would probably use different lighting, to offset the starkness of the wood.

I like the idea of having solely coral flowers with the turquoise ribbon – I think it looks fresher than a bouquet with blue flowers… I would suggest possibly changing the selection of flowers and making them have a more tropical vibe, but you have to have roses of course.

Do it yourself projects are a great (but not easy) way to save money.  I think the best DIY is wedding invitations – you don’t have to order them from some hoity toity website or vendor and spend $1000 on cardstock. Lets be real.

So not exactly on point – but you can buy simple card stock paper with a white background and colored border – and get the information printed on them. Then you can go somewhere like Michaels and buy ribbon and faux-flowers to pull this one off. This way you can personalize it too, pick the flower, the color, everything.

The dress –

I can definitely see her in this! It would look so amazing on her – she could even do it in Diamond White because she’s so tan and look stunning!

Signature drink (as always)

A Mango Mai Tai – tropical, classic but with the mango bit adds a little twist. Bottoms up!

I might be adding more to this wedding if I am needed, but now, on to the next.


This is the garden ceremony area at Faulkner wineries which I know she loves. Picture it with orange rose petals and maybe some birds of paradise along the isle. You could also add sashes to the chairs if you wanted!

I know she LOVES bright bold colors and she mentioned orange and blue – a little outside of the box- but a great match. I like the blue table settings matched with orange centerpieces in the above picture. I am obsessed with that table. You could even do blue marbles, or those new water jelly ball things in blue to place the flowers in if you didn’t want to do blue plates.

I can’t even express how amazing this bouquet is. She wanted feathers, I gave her feathers. Subtract the green orchids and possible add in some delicate orange flowers, like snapdragons.

She could also do the DIY invitation but substitute the colors, and maybe do a peacock feather instead of a flower; or both.

My dress pick for Meghan :]

I know she loves lace, but I would stick with white lace when using such bold colors for your wedding theme. I think this would make her look amazing and I love the button detail!

Signature drink:

It’s called an Orange Delgiht – but its basically an orange martini but better.

1 Large can of pineapple Juice
1 Large Orange Juice
Vodka or Rum

Knock yourself out!


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